HKWPEA has extensive community networks and strong experience in organising community projects. Organising innovative projects to address specific society needs contributes very much to HKWPEA’s core value of creating impact. In 2001, HKWPEA was granted Special Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and this status was renewed in May 2017 for another four years.


Programmes and Activities

Over the years, HKWPEA has launched a number of meaningful programmes and organised an impressive array of activities. Among the more notable programs are:

  • Outstanding Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Award (傑出專業女性及女企業家選舉)
    A tri-annual event that honours and celebrates the achievements of women in Hong Kong. The award recognises women who have made significant contributions to their professions, Hong Kong’s business environment, and society. Six outstanding female high achievers were recognized respectively in 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, and 2014; while five were recognized in 2017.

  •  Leadership Training Programme for Underprivileged Youngsters 
    Launched in 2014, the programme offers underprivileged young people training on leadership and soft skills and a series of company visits. These learning opportunities helped develop ideas that foster economic choice and individual responsibility, believed to be critical levers of change in the future.

  •  FoodEver WasteNever Programme (傳承惜食計劃)
    Our 20th Anniversary signature project – FoodEver WasteNever, ran for 18 months beginning in 2016, concluding with the savings of about 12% in food waste through the adoption of a food life cycle management protocol. The Programme included (1) the FoodEver WasteNever Awards, targeting over 300 organizations in seven sectors; (2) an Education Campaign; (3) Publicity and Community engagement, providing assistance on food waste reduction to 60 families.

  • “N-No” Family Development Project (全心傳家家庭發展計劃)
    Targeted at underprivileged families residing in Hong Kong who are not eligible to apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance and/or public housing, the N-No project had two key areas of focus: financial support and mentoring. Social workers from HK Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council, mentors, and mentees worked together on individually tailored development plans aiming at developing job skills, improving competence and eventually achieving self-reliance. Two phases were conducted in 2013-15 and 2015-17 in view of the Project’s success and impact.

  • Business Start-up Assistance Scheme for Women (婦女創業支援計劃)
    This social service project was designed to help less fortunate and unemployed women create self-employment by starting their own businesses. Launched in 2002, the Scheme is in its 2nd Phase where the emphasis is on starting cooperative businesses (婦女合作創業計劃).

  • Experience Sharing Seminar Series: “Practical Aspects of Doing Business in China” (中國商管實戰經驗分享研討會系列)
    This annual series, launched in 2003, covers a wide range of topics presented by business leaders who have accumulated a wealth of hands-on experience in China. A total of over 900 participants have attended the seminars.

  • Successful Women Stories – Experience Sharing (婦女成功的天空)
    Since 2005, the Association organises an annual series of public forums, inviting prominent women in town to share their success stories and experiences with the public.

Other activities organised by the Association include:

  • Fellowship functions for members and their families and friends are organised on a regular basis to provide opportunities for fellowship building and networking.
  • Trips to Mainland China are arranged to meet important government and trade promotion officials and to visit places of interest. Cities visited include Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangmen, Qingdao, and Hohhot (Inner Mongolia).
  • HKWPEA provides service to its members and to the community by organising public seminars on a wide range of topics. The purpose is to provide access to diversified business intelligence, enhance professionalism, and help create business opportunities. These seminars are well supported by our target audience. Recent seminars have covered topics such as investment opportunities for SMEs in Mainland China, equal opportunities for women, and business opportunities for SMEs in the environmental protection industry.
  • Members actively participate in the meetings and events of international women’s forums, such as the Women Leaders Network of APEC and the Confederation of Women Business Council of the region.
  • The Association responds to the HKSAR Government on public policy issues through submission of position papers.