Date: November 22-24, 2018
Venue: HKCEC for Symposium, Quayside for Dinner
Committee: Social Enterprise & Services


HKWPEA was a supporting organization to the SE Summit and Sponsor for the Dinner to Remember.

From our member Jane Wong, founder of Ave Maria Garden which uses creative flowers design workshops to benefit the needy:

“It is truly our honor and our pleasure in supporting both of the “Dinner to Remember at Social Enterprise Summit 2018” and the “Golden Age Expo and Summit 2019”. With these events of the highest standards, as well as the main speakers, visitors from diverse backgrounds, HKWPEA did not only help others in their professional endeavors, it also helps more people witness our women’s professionalism that adds values to the whole society for a good cause. PROUD of being a part of HKWPEA! Hip Hip Hurray everyone!”