都市固體廢物收費 意見書

19 FEB 2021

Consultation Paper on the Management and Disclosure of Climate-related Risks by Fund Managers

15 JAN 2021

Corporate WVR Beneficiaries

1 MAY 2020

Consultation Paper on Proposed Enhancements to the Open-ended Fund Companies Regime

20 FEB 2020

Response on Measures to Promote the Use of Electric Vehicles

13 JAN 2020

Response Paper on End-of-Life Care Legislative Proposals

16 DEC 2019

Response to the Public Engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy

20 SEP 2019

Response Paper to the Fourth Report of the Hong Kong Special

Administrative Region under the Convention on

the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

25 MAY 2018

Response to the consultation on “Sexual Offences Involving Children and Persons with Mental Impairment”

10 FEB 2017

Promotion of Sustainable Consumption of Biological Resources

14 NOV 2016

HKWPEA Retirement Protection Scheme Cover Letter

21 JUN 2016

HKWPEA Retirement Protection Scheme Response Paper

20 JUN 2016

女工商專聯會_子女管養權及探視權 意見書

23 MAR 2016

New Agricultural Policy: Sustainable Agricultural Development in Hong Kong

 新農業政策:本港農業的可持續發展 意見書

30 MAR 2015

Public Consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market

Response Form

29 JUN 2015

HKWPEA Response Paper to Second Round Consultation-revised


Competition Law Guideline Consultation HKWPEA response paper


HKWPEA VHIS Response Paper

13 MAR 2015

Constitutional Reform:

The Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016

Competition Law Guideline Consultation HKWPEA response paper

6 MAR 2015

Providing Better Investment Solutions for MPF Members

HKWPEA submission to the MPFA on Core Fund Consultation Questions

More Detail

6 OCT 2014

Municipal Solid Waste Charging


In response to Stalking Consultation

29 MAR 2012

Position paper to Competition Bill

19 AUG 2011

Follow-up paper after the Healthcare Reform Second Stage Public Consultation Report-Response Paper

29 JUL 2011

Response to the Healthcare Reform Second Stage Consultation-Response Paper

JAN 2011

Consultation Document on Health Care Reform

28 MAR 2001

Response to the Bill of the Statutory Minimum Wage

MAY 2010

HKWPEA Response to the Policy Address 2009

DEC 2009

HKWPEA Response to Public Consultation on Air Quality Objectives Review

DEC 2009

HKWPEA response to the Policy Address 2008

DEC 2008

HKWPEA response paper on the Financial Secretary’s consultation on 2008-2009 Budget

FEB 2008

Response to Health Care Reform Consultation Paper

13 JUN 2008

Public Consultation on Healthcare Reform

(presented by Sandra Lee, Permanent Secretary for Health, Food and Health Bureau)

16 APR 2008

An Opinion on the 2007-8 Government Budget and Chief Executive Election Speech

6 JUN 2007

Joint Submission to Public Consultation on Copyright Protection in the

Digital Environment From BCS (HK Section), HKIE-IT Division, ISACA, iProA, and HKWPEA

APR 2007

An Opinion for the Pre-Budget Consultation

27 JAN 2006

Response to Health Care Reform Consultation Paper

28 OCT 2005

Response to the 2005-06 Budget of the HKSAR Government

APR 2005

Opinion on Reforming the Academic Structure for Secondary and Higher Education

JAN 2005

Views on Estate Duty Review

NOV 2004

Response to Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2

SEP 2004

The 2004-05 Budget and the Hong Kong 2030 Planning Vision and Strategy

MAR 2004

Civil Service Pay Review

MAR 2002

Relative Roles of Government and Private Sectors in HK's Economic Future

JAN 2002

The Advisory Committee on New Broad-based Taxes

OCT 2001

The 2001-2002 Budget

JUN 2001

Health Care Reform "Lifelong Investment in Health"

MAR 2001

Education System Reforms Proposal

JUL 2000

The 2000-2001 Budget: Scaling New Heights

MAY 2000

Transforming schools into dynamic & accountable professional learning communities

APR 2000

Regulation of Media Intrusion

NOV 1999

Civil Liability for Invasion of Privacy

NOV 1999