Date: 17 December 2022

Venue: VTC, Pok Fu Lam

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, “I Love Hong Kong” organized a culinary competition on 17 December, supported by the Chinese Culinary Institute which provided the venue and equipment. 

As a supporting organization, we recruited 8 families as contestants in the competition, including 4 families from the 全心傳家 2.0 project.  Parents and kids cooked together dishes which represented the spirit of Hong Kong. They also shared personal stories which inspired them to create the dish. The families won 5 awards out of 9 at the competition. Joyce Cheng won the Gold award and Carlotta Wong Silver award. It was a bond building and eye-opening experience for the contestants cooking at a professional venue with impressive culinary facilities. All the families had lots of fun with their creative recipes and harmonious family teamwork.